Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Notes Column.....

A couple of things to mention, none of which require a lot of detail:

- The Angels suspended Guillen for the rest of the season and playoffs. apparently for showing up Scioscia on live television for being taken out for a pinch runner after getting hit in the foot. Everyone thinks there's more to this story and I'm inclined to agree. Guillen must have threatened or done something REALLY, REALLY stupid in the clubhouse to warrant this move. Personally if he did something like that, then you have to appreciate the Angels move, no player is above the team. They say it wasn't a message move but it obviously is. The Angels are my 2nd favorite team, so it's a tough move but more power to them. I still think they can beat the A's(only if they can beat the Rangers though)

- Ichiro's run at the hits record is rather meaningless to me. Don't get me wrong, he's the best leadoff man in baseball, but so many of his hits are of the infield/slap/single variety that they are absolutely NO different than a walk as they don't advance runners more than one base. A matter of fact taking more pitches would be more beneficial in the long run. Give the guy credit, he has an amazing ability to place a baseball with his bat, but MVP, not even close.

-My current award winners without any reasons:
AL MVP: Manny Ramirez
AL Cy Young: Johan Santana
AL ROY: Lew Ford

NL MVP: Mr. Bonds
NL Cy Young: Randy Johnson, close 2nd is Ben Sheets (although I think Zambrano or Clemens ends up with it)
NL ROY: Jason Bay

Managers of the Year(Better known as the award for the guy who's in charge of a team that the media thought would suck at the beginning of the year): Buck Showalter, Jim Tracy

- MLB O-zone stat is a joke, please ignore it. Read
this guy
if you don't believe me.

- On Friday night, the Dodgers brought in Eric Gagne in the bottom of the 9th with Barry Bonds due up 4th. Gagne walked the 3rd batter, which was soon followed by a trip from Jim Tracy where he was ordered to intentionally walk Mr. Bonds. He then managed to walk J.T. Snow to walk the bases full before Y. Torrealba hit a liner out to LF.

So with arguably the best reliever in the game, you don't trust him to get the final out. You will pay for this scaredy cat move, Mr. Tracy, some day soon. Playing with fear will always catch up to a team, no matter what sport you play. Mark my words on this one....the baseball gods will make the Dodgers pay for this some day soon.

- I've given up being angry at Baker's insistence to keep pitchers out there for 120+ pitches in blowouts, like death and taxes, it's just going to happen, I'll have to accept it.


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